Decolonisation in Aotearoa

Education, research and practice
Edited by Jenny Lee-Morgan and Jessica Hutchings
Decolonisation in Aotearoa book cover

Editors Jessica Hutchings and Jenny Lee-Morgan have drawn together leading Māori writers and intellectuals on topics that are at the heart of a decolonising education agenda, from tribal education initiatives to media issues, food sovereignty, wellbeing, Christianity, tikanga and more. A key premise is that colonisation excludes holistic and Māori experiences and ways of knowing, and continues to assert a deep influence on knowledge systems and ways of living and being, and that efforts to combat its impact must be broad and comprehensive.

The book presents a kaupapa Māori and decolonised agenda for Māori education. The writers put kaupapa Māori into practice through a pūrākau (narrative) approach to explore the diverse topics in a range of styles.

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List of contributors

  • Linda Tuhiwai Smith (Foreword)
  • Ranginui Walker
  • Moana Jackson
  • Ani Mikaere
  • Sarah-Jane Tiakiwai
  • Jenny Lee-Morgan
  • Takawai Murphy Veronica
  • Tawhai Leonie Pihama
  • Mera Lee-Penehira
  • Āneta Hinemihi Rāwiri
  • Naomi Simmonds
  • Kirsten Gabel
  • Jo Smith
  • Ngahuia Murphy
  • Jessica Hutchings
  • Debbie Broughton