Te Ahu o te Reo Māori

Reflecting on Research to Understand the Well-being of te reo Māori
Edited by Dr Jessica Hutchings, Professor Rawinia Higgins and Dr Vincent Ieni Olsen-Reeder

 Te Ahu o te reo Māori: Reflecting on Research to Understand the Well-being of te reo Māori is an edited collection of bi-lingual writings that brings together Māori researchers, writers and community language advocates who were involved in the Te Taura Whiri-funded study, Te Ahu o te reoTe Ahu o te reo Māori draws on this national research project completed in 2016, and brings together some of the different voices of the project in a way that will appeal to a wider audience. The aim of the book is to provide a space, beyond the funded research project, to reflect on the role of kaupapa Māori research and the researcher in Māori language research. Writers explore the concept of well-being in relation to tereo Māori and share evidence-based information about what supports and hinders the revitalisation of te reo Māori in communities, homes, kura and schools in Aotearoa in the 21st century.


  • Dr Vincent Ieni Olsen-Reeder is a lecturer and academic at Victoria University of Wellington.
  • Dr Jessica Hutchings is an independent kaupapa Māori researcher and writer.
  • Professor Rawinia Higgins is an academic and Deputy Vice Chancellor Māori at Victoria University of Wellington.

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