Kia mau ki tō Māoritanga
Holdfast to your Māoritanga

Hua parakore is a kaupapa Māori (Indigenous) system and framework for growing kai (product and food)) developed by Te Waka Kai Ora (National Maori Organics Authority). It is based on the infinite richness and wisdom of whānau and hapū. There are six key hua parakore kaupapa that we can work with in the māra; whakapapa, wairua, mana, māramatanga, mauri and Te Ao Tūroa. All of these kaupapa (principles) are interconnected and are drawn from the mātauranga (Māori knowledge) continuum. These kaupapa are not intended as the only kaupapa that exclusively inform hua parakore, rather, they are a starting point to guide you in planning your work in the māra.

As I have grown by these kaupapa, I have developed my own tikanga for applying hua parakore. The system continues to be innovated by hua parakore producers through their growing practices and sharing of knowledge and māra methods, at wānanga and hui with other hua parakore growers.

The hua parakore framework is presented below. The framework is a helpful visual reminder of the interconnectedness of these kaupapa in the way they are expressed and understood in Māori worldview. The colours remind us of the energetic realm of these kaupapa. When all six kaupapa are expresed together they give rise to hua parakore – this is shown in the colour mā. Mā represents infinite possibility, purity, perfection, joy and manisfests the triumph of spirit over the physical[1]. The Hua Parakore system is copyrighted to Te Waka Kai Ora.

Hua parakore verification and validation scheme

In addition to being a food growing system, hua parakore is also, an Indigenous validation and verification scheme that is run by Te Waka Kai Ora and supported by a network of hua parakore growers in Aotearoa (NZ). It is a means of defining a product, using tikanga Māori and provides a pathway for growers to tell their kaupapa Māori story of food production. Hua parakore supports growers and producers to produce Kai Atua, where all elements are; traceable, have not been exposed to contaminants and are created within a safe environment in balance with all elements of nature that are self-reliant and self-sustaining.

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